The Report

by: Guildford Windley

The Report
The winds they’re a blowing
The fog is a clearing
The truth will be known
You may hide behind the lies
But the time is a coming
Judgment day is nearing
The con dance that you do
The way you twist those words
The gullible are drawn to your word
For the anti-establishment feeling that they revel
For those who seek to control the lives of others
For those who just don’t want to pay taxes but want the service
The people who live to hate other
Just because they hate the way their own lives turn out
All of these and others for whom you need to keep the power
To sell their soul and their own interest
To serve the wealth of this nation
Base on your words, they will suffer
Not knowing of their loss until they wake from your trance
The winds they’re a blowing
The fog is a clearing
The truth will be known
The words are right before your eyes
The case for impeachment
Is clear if you read the words
But that’s a point of duty to your country
It is not just the responsibility of the house to vote articles of impeachment
The duty is clear, our due diligence is required
The report is published don’t just rely on the words of politicians
Do your constitutional duty and READ THE REPORT
Guildford H Windley
May 30, 2019

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