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Picture Poetry – Snow 1. Flakes 2. Black

Picture Poetry – Snow 1. Flakes 2. Black

Using the picture and the words, 1.  Flakes 2.  Black, spill your brain and craft your best poem.  Please post your poem on the Daily Wisdom Words website Picture Poetry page.  Afterwards, share your poem on Twitter or other social media sites.  Tag three of your friends and challenge them to write their own poem!

Art by Kuvshinov

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Will G Watters
Will G Watters

Her hair now black,
Before was white,
Disguised herself,
To escape that night,
The city was a blur for her,
She had never been there before,
She couldn’t understand,
When she saw snow,
For the first time ever,
Why the flakes melted in her hands.

Samantha Leboeuf
Noble Member

Like a miniature doll,
Snowflakes in her hair
She watches from
Her silent stare

Her big eyes
see more than thought
She is the perfect image
This little one sought

She extends her hands
as she was made to do
this life-like doll
will make a wish come true

Like every doll
she has a name
given to her
in hopes of fame

She stays silent
so the sounds at night
Can be heard
She sees the light

Rising for
her destiny
a little girl’s happiness
imagination set free