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Picture Poetry – Raven 1. Sped 2. Black

Picture Poetry – Raven 1. Sped 2. Black

Using the picture and the words, 1. Sped 2. Black, spill your brain and craft your best poem.  Please post your poem on the Daily Wisdom Words website Picture Poetry page.  Afterwards, share your poem on Twitter or other social media sites.  Tag three of your friends and challenge them to write their own poem!

Art by Brillick

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Samantha Leboeuf
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Love this so much💕💕

Curvy Red Gurl
Curvy Red Gurl

I remember the transformation
although it sped right by
the totality of a black hole
& how I lost control
is now on replay in my mind.
A metamorphosis
a complete new change
locked in this human body
with human feelings
& a human brain.

I want to move on
yet can’t remember how to fly
these clumsy arms & legs
& big bright human eyes
I keep looking round
but I’m stuck here on the ground
Might have to choose a different body
next time I come to town.

-Curvy Red Gurl, 2019.


Her raven black hair swirled in the wind
wild like her own self.
It called to her
‘Soar… Soar… Soar’
She answered the call
her hair changing
to feathery wings
Dark and shimmery.
Her raven form sprang forward
Off the Earth’s heavy dirt
And sped towards the clouds
Covered in night’s glitter.