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Picture Poetry – Purple 1. Smile 2. Beauty

Picture Poetry – Purple 1. Smile 2. Beauty

Using the picture and the words, 1. Smile and 2. Beatuy, spill your brain and craft your best poem.  Post your poem on the Daily Wisdom Words website Picture Poetry page.  Afterwards, share your poem on Twitter or other social media sites.  Tag three of your friends and challenge them to write their own poem!

Art by Mleth

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Shirley Satterfield
Trusted Member

Aw, I love that girl.
Purple hair made on a dare
Makes me smile all the while
At her inner, outer beauty.
Creative child
Makes my imagination go wild.
Perhaps I’ll emulate her inner, outer beauty
With my own purple hair on someone’s dare.😂

Yasir Sulaiman

Captivated I am by that beautiful smile,
Yet is something hidden behind those eyes?
Smooth hair as the river Nile,
Tender are those lips,
Yet is something hidden behind those eyes?

Wish I knew what has happened to this angel?
that little scar on her nose blots an otherwise perfect painting.
Have many stories she may have to tell,
Live among us she may all happy and smiling,
Yet is something hidden behind those eyes?

Active Member

With every flutter
of her heart
her lovely feature rise
she sways and sigh
in beauty she abides
in strength she thrives
with grace her spirit flows
in wings of colored hope.