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Picture Poetry – Colors of Autumn 1. Berries 2. Cold

Picture Poetry – Colors of Autumn 1. Berries 2. Cold

Using the picture and the words, 1. Berries and 2. Cold, spill your brain and craft your best poem.  Post your poem on the Daily Wisdom Words website Picture Poetry page.  Afterwards, share your poem on Twitter or other social media sites.  Tag three of your friends and challenge them to write their own poem!

Photo by Blumilein

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Samantha Leboeuf
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Berries pop through the cold
Winters here, a season slow
Starts in autumn, birds head East
The sun, once warm drops we see
We begin to prepare
For winters everywhere
Holidays happen
At this time
Leaves fall off trees
While there is a lofty breeze

Yasir Sulaiman

On one, cold autumn evening,

Walk I did down a park and sit on a bench chosen for me,

Under a tree full of ripe berries, I began writing

Simple verses about whatever I could see…

Gaze I did at those leaves falling from their mother tree,

Swim through the wind and finally on the ground they did rest free.

When observe I did the odd colors of the leaves that fell,

Realize I did that each leaf had a different story to tell…

One spoke of old age and maturity,

while another spoke of the youth play.

One spoke about music and poetry,

While another spoke about death and decay. Each leaf had cast on them different patterns,

that held in disguise perhaps the destinies of millions….