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Picture Poetry – Akranes Shipwreck 1. Seaworn 2. Voyage

Picture Poetry – Akranes Shipwreck 1. Seaworn  2. Voyage

Using the picture and the words, 1.  Seaworn 2. Voyage, spill your brain and craft your best poem.  Please post your poem on the Daily Wisdom Words website Picture Poetry page.  Afterwards, share your poem on Twitter or other social media sites.  Tag three of your friends and challenge them to write their own poem!

Art by Boldfrontiers

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Samantha Leboeuf
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this seaworn ship had many tales
until the last time it sailed
it traveled w/kings & queens
until one night it’s final scene
the sky black a horrid wind
a storm so bad it tore the end
stories of those traveling fine
A ship once custom designed
the ship sinking as it crashed
against huge rocks it lashed
water filled this ship of tales
1000 died last time it sailed
stories still about the ship
until it took its final trip


Battle worn
And sea side torn
They laid her body
At the shore
Ribs exposed
From fights unknown
Forgotten to time
And siren’s call
With the rest
She’s come to rest
In the graveyard she’ll rust
But the heart in my chest
Still rumbles along
Thanks to her engines groan