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Beautiful poem Sam!

She collapsed under the immense Amount of grief Of losing a soul She couldn’t protect Even though she had the belief That she could inspire An overwhelming hope Yet in her mind she kept saying Nope Nope Nope Yet when her feet and hands Felt the calming waters Of Heaven She knew that It was always Destiny To lose someone you...

As she began to float The pieces of her glass ceiling Shattered Yet nothing could tear Her dress Made from the fabric Of scarlet angels Her silver hair Waved like an ocean

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  • October 14, 2019

Limitations Can be simplifications Taking what you cannot do And making into something you CAN do Turning power into power Smashing peoples expectations Turning fear into powder Limits?! I say bullsh*t! Just put your mind to it 100% You will be surprised by What you can represent When you overcome

Everyone walking in the city streets Watching and looking at their phones Talking Texting Communicating Were actually a part Of the loudness Of the city That was filled to the brim With advertisements Sponsorship Yet the overwhelming bustle Just made them forget of the muscle That fed them And oh how they ate!

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