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Community Corner

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Community Corner Posts by Members:

Samantha and Peter's Picture Poetry

Picture Poetry Prompts:  a posted picture and title themed to inspire your writing

Posting every Tuesday and Thursday or POST YOUR OWN NOW!

Picture Poetry - Make A Post

  • Submit an HD photo that is square, or wider than it is tall.

    No Pictures of your self. Must be in the theme of your title and poem

    Write a Title for the Picture - Choose 2 words and "Picture Poetry" words in the theme of your Picture and Poem.

    You will post your poem as a comment on the post.
  • Please make a short title for your Picture poetry * Choose 2 words for a theme and add "Picture Poetry"

Community Picture Poetry Prompts

Daily Wisdom Words by Samantha Leboeuf

Every Monday Wednesday and Friday Samantha picks a word, defines it and takes it deeper.   The community responds with poetry in the comments

Daily Wisdom Words – Blog Posts:

Peter’s Music Prompts

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